How do you relax?


Take it easy, Liv.

You’re pregnant, like full term pregnant, as in you’re 2cm dilated and packing your hospital bag pregnant, and if there ever was a time to just sit back and make yourself a cup of tea (without a wordcount attached), it’s now.

You have to slow down, take a breath.

I wish it was that easy.

Pregnancy, like ulcerative colitis, has made me realize how terrible I am at just chilling out. I need stress, something over which to slave, some pile of rubble to crunch with a pickaxe, and finding the wherewithal to take it easy is perhaps the most difficult task I could do. I keep telling myself to lessen my physical workload, or else I’m going to end up back in the hospital with contractions. To this end, I now fold laundry sitting down and drink more water. That’s a start, right?

My fellow worker bees, how do you relax? Is there some spell I can chant to just take a load off? Or is this something learned with time?

But aside from all that, I am four days away from my due date, and my husband and I are so excited to welcome our daughter Felicity into the world! It’s been quite a year, and I can’t think of a better way to end it than with a beautiful baby girl. We’re in for quite an adventure!

Until next time,

Liv 🙂

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