May 3rd, 2018

coffee0503A thunderstorm is coming. The air has that wet crackle, like it’s full of sizzling energy just waiting to come undone. Nature, like us, has its own rhythms. 

So, why not write something?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I would like this blog to be. “Find your niche!” Exclaims the voice of the freelance writer inside me. “Start a productivity blog! Write about what it’s like to be a mom, a paranormal romance novelist, a freelance writer and editor…”

Truthfully, I’m torn.

On the one hand, I want to start my paranormal romance blog “The Damndest Things.” This blog will be a repository of useful information about witchcraft, the occult, and any paranormal topic that I must research for my writing. Writers ask the damndest things, we really do, and I think this would be a fun, informative, and entertaining way for me to give back to the writer community.

On the other hand, I want a place where I can just write. Research takes time. So does finding topics to research, relating them to the story I’m working on. With my editing schedule bulging like an over-stuffed apple pie, it can be difficult to find a few hours to set aside for such a project.

Additionally, I want to start making myself into the ideal productivity freelance writer applicant, which means that an article detailing “Why Vampires Hate Werewolves” would inevitably be out of the question. 

I’m going to try to post a picture of my coffee every day again. It may include an accomplished word count, some goals, or whatever I’m feeling at the time, but I feel like this would really help me settle my mind and get cracking, as well as merge my ambitions under a cohesive theme. 

Fellow writers, What do you do when you feel torn?

I’m a writer. I write. Let’s just start there.

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