May 5th, 2018


Good morning, World! πŸ™‚

How are you doing? You look good! You been moving heavy shit around?

Anyway, let’s go get ’em.

Today must be a productive day of finishing. I need to finish the manuscript on my desk, finish the laundry, and finish off whatever loose ends arise throughout the course of my day. What better way to finish a week? Saturday… A day of banishing, if my knowledge from my youth as a Wiccan serves me right. Time to enter a new phase. Cleansing, closing Saturday.

Breathe, everybody.

So what are you up to? What are your goals on this hallowed Saturday of finishing and banishment?

Is there a project you’ve been kicking around? A pile of dirty clothes in the corner?I want to know about it, then I want you to take care of it.

It’s 7am.

Over and out.

xoxo Liv




4 replies to “May 5th, 2018

  1. The end of the week IS a good time to tie up loose ends and finish projects you’ve started. We all have them, and it’s funny you should mention laundry because I’ve been trying to do that for two days now! However, I will get it done this evening. By the way, it’s never a good time to finish up loose ends and projects that someone else has left half way done! That makes me crazy. I’d rather have them finish a few things than do all of them half way. Actually, I’d rather have them do nothing at all! I enjoy reading your thoughts here, Liv. As they say, a writer writes!


    1. I know, right? I can’t wait to start working on new projects! I’ve already got this month lined up, lol. It’s amazing how editing work just flows in sometimes. The life of a freelance editor is one of constant stopping and going!

      By the way, is this Bill, my old manager Bill? If so, good to see you! πŸ™‚


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