May 7th, 2018



Good Morning, World 🙂

We’re late, so let’s jump on it.

This morning got away from me, so I want to take a look at what went askew. That’s the upside of a little trait neuroticism, gang. Nature gifts you with a frustrating capacity for examining yourself. Accurately or not, here I come.

I overslept, so I was late on my 7am blog post, and I didn’t make my husband’s lunch before he went to work. I can do better than that. I have to develop the discipline to get up at 4:30am no matter what, Jocko Willink style. For those of you who are not familiar with Jocko, he’s an ex-Navy Seal who has a fantastic Podcast: Guy knows how to get shit done.

By the way: that’s right, feminists. I’m a stay-at-home, writer mom who likes to make sandwiches for her husband. And it’s AWESOME. Sure, being a wife and parent is plenty of responsibility, but it’s the most wonderful experience of my life. Why do you guys slag so hard on moms, anyway? You make me want to crank The Daily Wire  podcast and Swiffer my floor.


Do you like politics, or does that shit stick in your craw?

Is the world going to end?

And most importantly, what do you listen to ask you clean house?

Thanks for reading, World. I’ll catch you later. Here comes the sun.

xoxo Liv


2 replies to “May 7th, 2018

  1. Well, Liv, I got up on time today, 3:30 actually had breakfast and was at work just before 5AM! Not everyone can make themselves get up early, so don’t frustrate yourself too much if it doesn’t happen for you. There’s nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom, especially if you like it! That’s getting harder and harder to do these days, and I’m sure a lot of people envy you.

    I used to enjoy politics to a point, but things have changed so much it’s not really fun any more. During the presidential campaign last year, I defriended one of my friends on FB who I’ve known for probably 60 years because every day he went on and on about certain subjects and I just got tired of seeing it. And believe me, he is far from a political analyst. Remember, I’ve known him most of my life. I told him he wasn’t the person I grew up with and that I was tired of seeing his crap every day! You have to be so careful who you listen to, and what you do hear you need to filter through it to get the truth, if it’s even there!

    If I listen to anyone to tell me to clean my house, it’s ME! And if you could see it right now, you’d know what I’m talking about. I’ll get to it, I swear!

    Have a great day, Liv!


  2. Definitely, Bill! Politics can be tiresome nowadays. I’m thinking about starting a political blog at some point. We’ll see.

    Sorry for my brevity, I have to snag a shower while the babies asleep!


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