May 21st, 2018

Good afternoon, World 🙂

It’s been eight days, how the hell have you been? I got a bit overloaded with work again, but whatever. At least I’m busy.

Whenever I miss a spate of a few days, I feel the tiny urge to be like “Fuck it, I shouldn’t be doing this, this is pointless.” But I don’t listen to this urge because I don’t actually believe that. 

This, this right here? This snapshot of my coffee and a daily little spiel about whatever I’m feeling? It’s actually hard. I feel like, “Who the hell are you, to think anyone cares about your daily yammering?” 

Posting forces me to reach out. I can’t retreat into my cocoon. I have to say something daily, put myself out there, even if the contents of my consciousness are as thought-provoking as deciding what to cook for dinner. The discomfort I experience through expressing myself is necessary, because how the hell are you supposed to challenge yourself without discomfort? 

I don’t want to be someone who runs away from challenges with tears dribbling down my cheeks, or makes endless excuses for why I can’t follow through on my ambitions. Every day, I decide what kind of week this will be. Do I want this week to be productive, fulfilling, and a gift to myself and my family? Or do I want to squander it with procrastination and misspent effort?

So here’s the plan of action for this week:

  • Do sun salutations every day. A few of these batboys will get you feeling awesome.
  • Post almost every day. I missed one day this week already, but there’s no use in throwing the rest of the week away.
  • Edit 10 pages every day.

How about you, World? Are you catching up on old shit, or are you up to something new?


xoxo Liv

3 replies to “May 21st, 2018

  1. Liv, it’s nice to see you posting again. I was just thinking yesterday that maybe you had given up on it! I’m so glad you didn’t. And you’re so right. A little pain is necessary to grow! Reminds me of a saying, supposedly from a Marine but I’m not sure of that, “pain is just weakness leaving the body”.

    And it really doesn’t matter if anyone’s interested in what you say here. And just because you may not get many comments, well, that doesn’t matter, either! A certain amount of people will read your posts and have comments to make but won’t take the time to post them. A few people, like me, will post and some will even add things about themselves. My point is, Liv, a writer writes! So even though you may feel that people don’t care about what you write, at least you’re writing and that would be the important thing.

    It’s also important that you have an action plan for the week. So what if it changes a little during the week, or every day for that matter. Plans almost always involve other people, so you don’t always have control over what happens. If your plans change during the week, or every day for that matter, it’s no big deal. The fact is you still have a plan.

    As for me, it seems I’m always trying to catch up on old shit like most of us are. I have some new challenges I’m dealing with which I won’t go into detail about here, but I’m meeting them head-on and at least with parts of that challenge I am winning. Be it slowly but surely, I am winning and usually that’s the best way to go.

    Have a great evening, Liv, and I’ll be looking forward to your post tomorrow.


  2. Well, the world from where I sit behind my book strewn desk, is mimicking Groundhog Day. I post on WP most days, the rest of the time, I write. Between cigarettes and shit instant coffee, my daily goal is to pump out 1000 words a day, regardless of interruption; I generally achieve this. The manuscript I am working on is still 20000 words short of the minimum word count I need for publication. Anyway, that’s me, and I hope you are groovy. N.


    1. Sounds amazing! I find 1,000 words a day is great way to plow through a manuscript. Keep up the good work! Never underestimate the power of shit instant coffee 😉


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