May 23rd, 2018


Good afternoon, World 🙂

Look closely at this picture. See the ocean? It’s right there, tucked just behind the rows of houses, too far away to sparkle, but close enough to soften the dusty blue of the hot, noon sun. If you look even more closely, you may even see those two little smudges just below the lighthouse but they are not smudges: they are boats, chugging leisurely toward the docks.

Living in a bustling, semi-urban fishing town sometimes makes me feel removed from the peace and silence of the New Jersey pine barrens. The woods is a still place. There’s life, but no grinding gears of machinery or combustion engines. You’re not alone: life abounds, but so does this preserved sense of oneness, even when in the company of birds, squirrels, and the occasional rummaging opossum. I miss walking into the field behind my house, saying hello to the moon and stars, and breathing the vapor of long, wet grasses as they sloshed like coastal waters around my calves.

When I need to escape civilization, I have this corner above my desk, beyond my window.

It’s a good way to soothe my nerves, but also to awaken my sense of potential.

If I want to bring nature closer, I must continue to work.

I hope you’re having a great Wednesday, everybody! If you get the chance, step outside for a minute. Spring is really feeling it today.

xoxo Liv

2 replies to “May 23rd, 2018

  1. Liv, I just came back from my walk so I know what you’re talking about. Some of the neighbors have roses, rhododendrons, and other assorted greenery planted. I have my beautiful clematis, which has more than half filled it’s new trellis with its green vines and dark purple flowers! There was a rabbit outside my door this afternoon, but it left before I could take its picture!

    But it is important to escape to different surroundings from time to time. I think what you said is correct.

    Have a great evening, Liv.


  2. A very lovely thought. I think we all have our own subconscious ways of coping eithin the modern world. It seems like it always involves slowing down, becoming more self-aware, and reconnecting with the simple things – usually nature and our most valued relationships. Have a great weekend!


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