May 29th, 2018

Good morning, World 🙂


Well, actually, it’s almost 3pm, but whatever. How are you doing?

Freedom feels amazing. This is the first day I’ve had in months when I didn’t have a deadline breathing down my neck. I stood on the brick path alongside my house and did some sun salutations, and just felt the warmth soak into my shoulder blades. I didn’t have to rush back inside to edit another chapter. I just breathed, feeling the wind as I flowed from pose to pose, and looked at the majestic gas station across the street as if it were a waterfall combing the side of a remote, volcanic mountain. Namaste indeed.

My New Years Resolution was to make money writing, and I’ve done that. I’ve published an article, written a few book blurbs, and made a few bones off editing indi novels. Not a fortune, by any means. We’re talking hundreds of dollars a month, not thousands, but I’m learning more and more about how to achieve my goals. I’ve finally found a trajectory that will lead me to success, and I’m excited for the days to come.

I truly believe I am capable of building a prosperous and fulfilling future for myself and my family. Every day, I learn, I strategize, and I work toward my goals. I will not stop trying.

What are your goals this week?

Have a happy, fruitful, abundant Tuesday!

xoxo Liv


6 replies to “May 29th, 2018

    1. Hi Matt! Thanks for the comment 🙂 I got started with editing on (here’s a link to my page, if you’ll pardon the shameless self-plug). I priced my beta-reading/critiquing services for a ridiculously cheap rate. We’re talking 25k words for $10 cheap. After amassing a few good reviews, I gradually raised my prices to what you see today. That being said, I make about $200 a month on, and I BUST MY ASS. It’s good for bulking up your portfolio, but you can’t plan your longterm survival strategy around it, because the money just isn’t there. People go onto to find cheap freelancers, so they’re not looking to pay the industry standard wage. Plus, takes 20%, then Paypal takes another 3%.

      I’ve had several heinekens, so I hope this reply was coherent, lol. In a nutshell, Fiverr is good to get your portfolio going, but don’t plan on making a living off it.

      Now that I’ve finally cleared my desk of orders (and raised my prices to $1.25 per 1k words, to stave off the hordes) I can hopefully resume my foray into freelance writing. In my experience, writing articles has proved far more lucrative than editing on Fiverr, so I’m going to resume that strategy until I can improve upon my game.

      Good luck, you’ve got this! And thanks for reading 🙂


  1. Liv, it sound like you had a great day, indeed! I know your capable of reaching your goals. Actually, I’ve always thought you were capable of doing anything you put your mind to. The idea is to keep focused on your goals and not to be afraid to make changes along the way. The thing with goals is, along the way to reaching them you will probably run across opportunities and possibilities you didn’t know existed. So, you’re not actually changing your goal, you’re simply changing the route you take to get there!

    As far as my goals for the week, I fully intend to take care of the situation I spoke of last post by meeting it head-on. It will upset some people but I really couldn’t care less. It involves someone very near and dear to me and I guarantee it will get done!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. It was great to see your post.


    1. Aw, thanks Bill! 😊 I’m glad I have your vote of confidence! As for your own situation, go get ’em! Ruffle those feathers, if you know what I’m saying. (Incidentally, do you know what I’m saying? I’m… not sure I do. The booze, it talks.)


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