May 31st, 2018

Good morning, World 🙂

And wow, happy Thursday already! I feel like this week just flew by. Time to start brainstorming ideas for next week’s to-do list, do some shopping, and maybe even spend some quality time with my family on the beach. I would love to hear the crash of some waves right now. The Victorians used to say that the sea air was curative, and in a sense, I think they were right.

I’ve been playing around with google trends lately. It’s absolutely fascinating! I love data, charts, and looking up weird shit. If I could like, find a way to spend my freelance writing career researching esoteric information, I would totally do it. In fact, that was what led me to this exercise in the first place, but I digress.

You guessed it, this is a rushed post.

But I’ve got about T minus three minutes to hammer this puppy out, make a coffee cup graphic for it (done) post it, and tend my pinterest garden. We gotta roll, son.

What weird shit have you looked up lately? Do you also enjoy the sea air? Are penguins fish? What is love? Feel free to answer any of these questions, and dozens more.

Have a great Thursday! Get something done 🙂

xoxo Liv

One reply to “May 31st, 2018

  1. Hi, Liv!

    It might be interesting, possibly even a little scary, to just sit down and write things as they come to mind. Then take the list and see if you can follow a line of thought, or if they were just random thoughts. I don’t know… that’s the first thing that came to my mind!

    Quality time on the beach with your family wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Just relax, let your mind wander, and see what it comes back to. I’m not sure if the sea air is curative or if it’s the atmosphere of the sea but it definitely has positive qualities. The sounds of the waves and yes even the sea gulls, as annoying as they can become, will allow you to escape from your world for awhile. Not a bad thing for any of us.

    I’ve looked up some odd things, too. Maybe something I heard about that day, or a phrase or word I’ve run across. Just something different and a little strange to do.

    I’m really not into thinking very much right now, as I worked all day and I feel a little brain dead. Time for some junk food for the mind. Not a bad thing, occasionally!

    I hope your Thursday was great, Liv. Thanks for posting.


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