June 20th, 2018

Good morning, World 🙂

Have you ever eaten a slug? And I don’t meant have you ever been shot. I mean, have you ever consumed a “shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusk,” as wikipedia would say, that strip of slime strewn over your trashcan after it rains?

I was just wondering. It probably taste good if you cook it up right. I can’t imagine it would taste much different than escargot, or maybe a clam.

Just ask Alan Kay:

But why all this talk of deep-frying and wantonly gormandizing these sentient wads of nature’s phlegm?

Because I’ve been binge-watching the History Channel’s “Alone,” a TV show wherein a handful of contestants are thrown into the wilderness to try to outlast each other. There are no camera crews, no cutesy “boys against girls” contests, and the winner walks away with $500,000.

And as I went through my morning routine of folding clothes while listening to “Alone,” I started noticing a pattern between each season:

People have to tap out for the most careless reasons.

And I started thinking, “Hey, I know! I can write an article about this. Top Five Tips You Need to Not Tap Out on Day One,” or “Season Five Alone: How to Not Tap Out on Day One.”  I don’t know. I’m still thinking about a snappy title. But as a stay-at-home-mom freelance-writer extraordinaire, I’m clearly a qualified wilderness survival expert. I figured it might be fun to lend a hand to a few greenhorns out there, save a few broken ankles, maybe even a few slugs.

So, that’s the article this week.

Whaddya think? It’s not really about slugs, but you know.

Are you also singing Alan’s slug song? How do you take your slugs?

I gotta get out of here. Have yourself a good day, I’ll catch you next time.

xoxo Liv





One reply to “June 20th, 2018

  1. Hello, Liv,

    And there’s the title, right in your post, “It Isn’t All About Slugs, You Know”. That would surely grab the attention of anyone interested in the subject!

    I would have to agree with you that being a stay-at-home mom freelance writer has taught you quite a bit about survival! I’m sure there are many moms who would appreciate reading about your experiences.

    By the way, a little garlic butter on the slugs would probably be a good idea!



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