Good morning, World πŸ™‚

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to show up here. I like to be honest, so writing a post when I don’t feel pumped takes a bit of bracing myself. This is part of my life, after all. And I have to write, whether or not I’m experiencing anxiety.

I guess that’s the hard part: I want to write honestly, so pretending to feel energized and confident when I’m actually feeling the opposite, feels a bit like… I don’t know. Faking it.

But I’m here, hello World, and I’m clocking in. It’s the second day of summer. The days are long and sunny, and we have work to do.

Let’s finish this week strong and make ourselves proud. Time to brew another cup of tea, pull out my to-do list, and get to work.

What are you working on today? How do you win the mind-wrestle between neuroticism and inner peace?

Enjoy your Friday πŸ™‚

xoxo Liv

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  1. My struggle right now is working a lot of hrs and having no time to do the things that make me happy. But I’m trying not to let it bother me


  2. Hello, Liv. I’m working on getting the things done today that I should have done during the last couple of weeks. I know you’re familiar with that, we all are! Not every day is a good day, and yes we do struggle sometimes even to make an effort. But the point is, you DID make the effort and here you are! When days get like that, don’t push yourself too hard to try and overachieve. Just pick a couple of the easier ones, and let it go at that. You know this will pass, and on a better day you can go about tackling a little more.

    Have a great day, Liv!


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