June 24th, 2018

Good Morning, World πŸ™‚

Last week is officially behind us. We’re at the dawn of a brand new set of seven days, the last week of June. How did you do on your monthly goals?

Me? I did okay. Could have been worse, could have been better.

One of my monthly goals was to finish editing my paranormal romance novella “Warmth.” In fashionably late style, started doing that yesterday. I try to be on the ball, you know?

But I’m making progress at a steady, increasing brisk pace, so that’s something.

I feel like my ability to handle work has increased, and I attribute much of that to two changes: firstly, I started getting up early. Like, Navy seal early. The sun should not catch you in bed, as Thomas Jefferson might say. Secondly, I started keeping a daily log of my activities on Google calendar, which made me conscious of how I spent each hour. It’s amazing how many moments of my day went by without me realizing that I had squandered them, or had in some way underutilized them. Every moment has so much potential. Our days are a basket of seeds.

What’re you up to, World?

xoxo Liv


4 replies to “June 24th, 2018

  1. I like the idea of tracking my activities. I definitely squander many moments and I’m fully aware as I do, but maybe if I saw it written out I would feel more compelled to do something about it! Thanks for sharing, Liv!


  2. And sometimes, as you know Liv, our day is a can of worms! But not very often, I hope. I’m glad you’re falling into somewhat of a routine, and that you’re already seeing the benefits from it. We all have too much to do today, so things like multitasking and managing time have become all that much more important. But don’t forget to leave some time for yourself, too. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s actually beneficial.

    As far as finishing your novella, at least you did make some progress with it so that can’t be a bad thing. Remember that goals can always be changed, as long as you keep them in sight.

    Have a great day, Liv, and thanks for posting.



    1. Thanks, Bill! Oh man, multitasking. I wish I was better at that. You know me, I’m one of those flighty, fruit-fly attention span sorts. At least I know what I need to work on, eh? Haha.


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