July 31st, 2018

Good Morning, World πŸ™‚

And Good-bye, July!

This month was fun. I turned twenty-nine, and in doing so, I welcomed in the last year of my twenties. It’s exciting! I know that many women dread turning thirty, but honestly, what’s there to be frightened of? I haven’t felt like a kid in forever, despite the fact that the beginning of my adulthood wasn’t all that long ago.

So much has happened over the past ten years, and while there’s plenty – scratch that, a shitload – I should have done better, I don’t know if I actually would go back in time and change anything. I like who I am, most of the time. And I look forward to who I will become, as long as that isn’t a crusty scallywag. We’ll see.

Anyway. How’re you doin?

The first of the month is tomorrow, I haven’t forgotten.

We have a nice, clean, mint condition month ahead.

So, to celebrate and honor the first day of August 2018, I’ve spent the morning drawing up a brand new work schedule.


Write 1,000 words every day.

I can spend these thousand words on this blog (Good Morning, World πŸ˜‰ ), Medium articles, rewriting Warmth, Fiverr gigs, or my outline of my upcoming paranormal romance novel, “Blood of the Witch.”

Speaking of that last one: my outline of “Blood of the Witch” has almost 13,000 words on it, as of this morning. Like… Holy shit. I thought I was hanging out around the 5k – 8k mark, so to find out that I’m actually twice as far along is super encouraging.


Record Progress.

Ok, I admit it — I love graphs. I love seeing tangible, quantifiable progress. I want August to have a nice, tidy graph running alongside of it. It really helps keep me motivated, and it will help me see where I am directing my efforts. Don’t get me wrong, I love happy surprises like finding out that I am farther along on a project than I thought, but the stormcloud to that silver lining is that I don’t always know how far behind I am. There’s gotta be a balance.

Besides,Β colorsΒ πŸ™‚

Have a great last day of July, everybody!

xoxo Liv


12 replies to “July 31st, 2018

  1. Hello, LIv! It’s great to look at the new month as a clean slate. Making yourself a new work schedule was probably a good idea.

    It’s amazing you were that much farther along with your novel than you had thought. It does help to have a way to measure your progress, so if a graph Is what you like that’s a good thing. Yes, it may show how far behind you are on a project, but it will also keep you from falling too far behind. To be able to see that is a good thing, I think. That may be where the balance would come from.

    As far as aging, well, entering a new decade in your life is huge! And it’s natural to look back and think there were some things you could have done better but at the same time remember to look at the things you did well! Just remember that some of the things you could have done better very well could have created some of the things you did well, if that makes any sense.

    Have a good night, Liv, and Happy August!



  2. I love your blog, and I offer my best wishes to you for great success with your posts.
    You have a great path that you are following; please keep following that path, and
    follow it until your goals are within sight, and keep pushing forward.
    Also, thanks for being a friend.


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