August 1st, 2018

Good M… Afternoon, actually. Evening would be more accurate.


Good evening, World 🙂

How are you guys doing? I just ate some sushi, hammered out 424 words of my Blood of the Witch outline, and now I’m drinking a cup of tea (pictured) and chilling with my baby.

I’m about half-way done with my 1,000 words for the day, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m definitely a morning person. It’s about 6pm, and I feel like my brain is just shot. I feel like there’s a layer of sludge on my brain that can only be sopped up by a big ol’ rag of sleep. I should probably take a nap.

But I’m up to chapter twelve on my outline! Fancy that. I hardly even know where those words come from, but there they are. I’m wondering if this book should actually be two books, because it keeps growing and growing, like a big, hungry sun flower.

I love this 1,000 word a day kick so far. I feel like I’m making progress again, and I love that feeling. I love coming up with ideas for this story. I feel like it’s coming to life in my mind, and I hope that I can do it justice when the time for my first draft comes.

You know what’s funny?

Writing can be scary.

But editing can be downright horrifying.

There’s something about going back through a story you’ve already written, nitpicking it, rewriting it and reshaping, carving holes in it and shaking it off, that’s just the most soul wringing experience. I love that my main beta-reader had such helpful advice to make my story better, but now I have to actually apply her suggestions, and I have to check my ego at the door. That’s not so hard – you can’t walk around with your head held too high in this profession – but it’s the most anxiety provoking part of this job.

To make this process easier, I organized her suggestions into two categories: easy fixes, and daylong projects.

Easy fixes include things like slashing extra words, fixing grammatical issues, adding POV labels to the beginning of each chapter, etc.  I don’t worry about these guys. I took care of one this morning, and tomorrow morning, I’m going to bag another one until all that’s left are the big guys.

Day-long projects include… Dear god… rewriting chapters.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

I got this shit.

Tonight, I’m going to make sure I get a better night’s sleep, I’m going to wake up earlier, and I’m going to do yoga first thing after – and by that I mean during –  coffee.

It’s amazing how important a healthy amount of sleep is for my cognitive functioning. If I don’t have at least five hours of solid shut eye, I feel like a robot in a glass of milk in the morning. Brains are organs. They require certain things like sleep, adequate nutrition, water… You know, the basics. If I could just get my daughter to stop scream crying in my ear and settle down for bed, that’d be cool too.

I’m not going to lie, I’m actually surprised that I managed to get done anything writing-wise today. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my husband’s days off, so we reserve these for shopping, projects, and taking care of any domestic tasks. They’re our days off, in theory.

Now if I can just work some magic tomorrow, I’ll be golden.

Hey look! 1,030 words! Done for the day, baby.

Let’s go forth and kick ass.


Tomorrow 😉

xoxo Liv


10 replies to “August 1st, 2018

  1. Hello, Liv!

    It’s an important thing to know whether you’re a morning person or evening person. There are a few who are both, but most are either one or the other. And you’re right in choosing that time of day to do most of your work.

    I’m happy you’re making such progress on your outline. That will help give you incentive to push on. And I understand how scary writing can get. Any job or business where you work by yourself and for yourself can be really scary. Especially when you have a family to consider. But I know you DO have this! After all, you are a writer, and a writer writes.

    Sleep is important. Some need more than others, but when you figure out what your body and mind require you should try to stick with it This coming from someone who hardly ever gets enough sleep.

    Have a great day, Liv, and a better tomorrow!



    1. Thanks, Bill! I love how observantly you read, lol. Are you a morning person or a night person? I’m going to guess that you’re perforce a morning person, thanks to tge marines and first shift, but I could be wrong. Hope your August is off to a great start! 😊


      1. Hello, Liv,

        I had to go back and compare my response to your original post to determine if you really meant I read observantly, or that was just some of your sarcastic side coming through, which I do know you have! And I decided it was a genuine compliment, which I appreciate. I read your posts through and try to respond or make suggestions where I can. And from knowing you for a while I can throw in things here and there. I like reading your posts, I really do.

        I’m basically a morning person and I think that is in part due to almost always having jobs I’ve had to get up early for and actually be able to function, most of the time, and my years in the Marines. It reminded me of when I first semi-retired a couple of years ago. The manager of the store I went to, whom I had known for a while previously, asked me if I minded working the early shift. Of course I said I didn’t mind, because that’s what I was used to. She said that was good because when she schedules most of her people that early all they do is bitch about it all week! So, it has worked out well.

        Speaking of which, I need to get some sleep now, because 4AM comes early!

        Have a good night,


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