Good Morning, World πŸ™‚

Don’t worry: you’re doing a good job. Find that forward motion and just keep going. Put one foot after the other, one word after another, and you’re bound to end up somewhere awesome with a complete manuscript in your hand, or a barrel full of blog posts, or whatever you ambition is. Keep going.

It’s amazing how much less stressed out I feel after revising my work schedule. I’ve been following a slightly revised daily routine for the past few days, and I feel like I’ve increased my productivity by at least 50%.

First, I started getting up early again. 6am, baby. Usually it’s 4:30am, because that’s when my husband gets up for work, but since he worked a bit later today, we got to indulge in a few well-earned zzz’s. I can never get enough of those things.

Next, I got back on track with my yoga, and added in a light workout of lunges, lifting weights, and pushups. Exercising early in the morning remains one of my favorite activities. It makes my brain feel so crisp. Give it a shot, seriously.

I wrote 824 words on my outline and 236 words on this post, which brings me to… Holy fuck, 1060. I owe the muse who’s working my case a fruit basket or something.

Alright, I gotta wrap this up.

How’s your August 2018 going?

Keep on keeping on.

xoxo Liv

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  1. Hello, Liv!

    It sounds as if you’ve made the right changes and you feel much better about your daily routine! I’m glad you did because as you’ve already noticed, that should help to increase your productivity.

    My August 2018 is going pretty well so far, at least not bad!

    I’m just a little brain dead from work today, so I’ll get out of here for now. But today was my Friday!

    Have a good night,


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