August 17th, 2018

Good Afternoon, World πŸ™‚

What’s cooking?

My phone just deleted a chunk of this post, so I’m frustrated. Here’s a recap of what I tried to say:

Woefully behind on most of my goals for August, which consist of:

Writing 1,000 words a day. Scratch that: this week, try for 1,500 words. I probably wrote about a thousand words all week, and much of that was on freelance orders. Way to go, self.

Write articles on Pah, yeah, ok. I’ve written one of those, and about 25% of the other. Time to either get cracking, or reorient myself.

Finish my outline for “Blood of the Witch,” and to try to not lose my mind. Getting there… Getting there, goddamn it.

Obviously that last one is a complete and total fail. And hey, what do you know, the first one, too.

But at least this tells me a little bit about the workload that I can currently handle.

In fact, I had meant to up the ante by trying to write 1500 words. And instead so barely wrote anything, because I was incapacitated with a splitting migraine for about three days, and a flurry of surprise freelance work.

Sometimes I encumber myself.

So let’s take what we’ve learned here and adjust the rest of the month.

Here are Augusts goals, revised:

– Post on blog every day. Sup World?

– Post at least one more article on Medium. If you feel like more, awesome.

– Finish writing BOTW outline. This one is by far the most important goal to me. I’ve got to get this one done.

Outlines are tricky because you can’t measure your progress by counting words. I find myself writing, going back and rewriting, fixing shit, adjusting shit, playing around with different ideas, seeing what works, seeing what doesn’t.

It’s like a cloud, constantly reforming as you try to shape it.

At least twice I’ve made it up to chapter 9, then come up with a better idea that requires me to slam a battering ram through the last several chapters, set the thing on fire, and start laying bricks again. I eagerly await the moment when I decide “Yes! Perfect.” And I can finally start writing the actual novel.

Then the real fun begins.

So what are you up to, world? Are you enjoying the Sun? Make sure you’re protecting your skin properly. Skin cancer is no joke. And drink plenty of water!

Thanks for tuning in, you’ll see me here tomorrow, I bloody well hope.

xoxo Liv

7 replies to “August 17th, 2018

  1. Hello, Liv,

    Well, don’t be quite so hard on yourself! Having a migraine for three days would wreck anyone’s work week! So, just write that week off so to speak and go on to the next.

    And so you fell a little behind. At least you did accomplish something!

    And remember what I’ve said about goals… It’s OK to change them every day as long as you still have them. But now might not be the best time to go for 1500 words because you already feel behind. You may be setting yourself up for failure! Why not wait a couple of weeks until you feel comfortable again and then shoot for the 1500? You’d probably have a better chance of making it

    Not unlike you, I’ve found myself with too many unexpected pieces of crap this week. I’ve been spending my time taking care of those, and not much else!

    Have a great evening, Liv and again, don’t be too hard on yourself.



  2. Hey Liv, I was curious, if you’d be willing to share, where you get your freelance work? I worked through textbroker for awhile but the amount of work was hardly worth the pay. It sounds like maybe you’ve got a good thing going.


    1. Hi Trish! I tried posting this before, but I guess it did not take. Anyway, I do all of my work through fiverr, and it is… Well, a joke. The most I’ve ever made off this platform is about $200 in a month, and the amount of work I did for that money was ridiculous. I recently raised my prices on my beta-reading gig, because I was just getting far too many orders, but too little compensation. I’ve got to start pitching articles again, seriously. Thanks for the question! πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks, Liv! Ooooh yeah I created a Fiverr account, but I didn’t really know the best way to word and market the services that I could offer and it never took off. It seems like so much online freelance work is very difficult to sustain. Good old fashion pitching articles is probably the best bet. Good luck!


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