September 24th, 2018

Good Afternoon, World πŸ™‚

Did you know that if you work 15% harder, you make 40% more money?

No shit. That’s what we like to call a nonlinear return, and it’s a real shot of motivation. Lately, when I feel like taking a break, I ask myself, “Can you do 15% more?” and keep going, then watch that 15% grow.

I hope you’re enjoying this lovely autumn. There’s something about this time of the year that’s just damn enchanting, so let’s enjoy it.

Here’s to bountiful, productive Fall πŸ™‚

xoxo Liv


3 replies to “September 24th, 2018

  1. Well, I’ve always known that if you work harder you will generally earn more money. That is, unless you work for a real turd, which I did for a while! I’m sure the 40% varies a little, though! But still it’s a good incentive to push yourself for just that little extra. That’s something most of us need.

    I do love the autumn weather. Hot summer weather is just harder to deal with.

    I hope all is going well for you. Have a good evening!



    1. Thank you, Bill! I’m familiar with that turd, lol. I was shocked that so many of my friends in our company family worked so hard, but still made so little money. I had been working there for almost a decade, but still made a little over $11 an hour. So…. Starvation wages, lol. How’ve you been, Bill? Enjoy the rain, if you’re having any!


      1. Hi, Liv. I believe you’re thinking of yet another turd! You couldn’t have known this one because it was years before we knew each other. Yeah, I’ve actually worked for a few! You know, that job is like a lot of others. The only way to make good money is to be in management. Other than that, it really isn’t meant to be a job to live off of by itself. Maybe a second job for some, or for a married person to add to the family income. But they’ve been pretty good to me over the years, and they still are! We can talk about that some day if you like, but I won’t go into details here.

        I’m actually doing pretty well. A few things have come up, but I’ve handled them about as well as possible. Stuff happens when you get older, you know. But I’ve come through pretty well, I think.

        I hope things are going well for you. Obviously, you keep busy and that’s a good thing. You know how to contact me if you need to, and I hope you would.

        Have a great evening,


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