Release Day: Warmth. HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!

Good morning, World. 🙂

Happy Black Friday Release Day! You know what that means… I’m giving you a free book!

… Tomorrow!

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But please, don’t drop coin on this book.

If it were up to me, this book would always be free. And it is right now, if you’re an amazon prime member. For the next three months, Amazon Prime members will be able to withdraw my book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library at no cost to them. What do I get in exchange?

Why, half a penny per page read, my friends. Woo woooo!

Once my three months is up, I will be giving this book away for free to everyone, because “Warmth” was always intended to be a free book. I’d written it with my Wattpad audience in mind – which is why the chapters are short – and a free book it shall be.

Annnnnnyway. How’re you doing? What loot did you acquire on this Black Friday’s expedition? Feel free to tell me about it; there’s no better way to celebrate being thankful than binge-spending all your hard earned cash on MORE STUFF, amiright? AHHHHHHHHHHHH I’M TRYING TO KEEP IT TOGETHER LOL

Can I keep it real for just a second?

I forgot about Black Friday.

Here’s another lesson learned — pull out a calendar and schedule your launch date with more care.

I just scheduled it in a moment of reckless abandon, knowing that if I didn’t just lay down a solid date, I might never finish this project. What if I procrastinated forever? What if I just kept tinkering and tinkering until the end of my days, and I never published anything ever again? What if “The Satin Rose” (a now defunct 10k word romance novella, originally published by Noble Romance Publishing) was the only thing I ever put out there? This thought stuck around. I had to do something about it.

So I flung a date at the wall and set to work, and upon realizing this morning that Black Friday was, in fact, this Friday, I tried to schedule one of my five “free days” for today. No dice.

The closest I can is tomorrow, so tomorrow it is.

I owe the sincerest thanks in the world to everyone who volunteered for an ARC of this book, and review it on Amazon.

I realize the point of an Advanced Reader Copy is to get reviews before a book is released. Yup. I’m that good, aren’t I? Thank you for bearing with me while I throw myself headlong into a entreprenurial adventure that’s over my head, because this is just the beginning. Gotta walk before you can crawl. Baby steps, my friends.

You guys rock.  I’ll send you a reminder to snag it for free tomorrow, and if you’re too busy, don’t stress out about it. I know how that is, believe me. Let me know what creative projects you’re working on, I like helping out my fellow creators 🙂

Ok, thank you for reading this. You’re cool.

I’m off to light up my social media, complete some orders, and do some well-earned yoga.

xoxo Liv

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