January 21st, 2016: To Do List Methods – Jocko Willink

To-Do List Methods, Jocko Willink

Good afternoon, World 🙂

How hard should you work every day?

Every time I sit down to make my to do list in the morning, I ask myself, “What do I want to accomplish today?” and even more importantly, “How can I make myself proud today?”

I look at my weekly goals, then at my monthly goals, too. I assess how far behind I am — because that’s always the case, right? — and I consider what tasks I could tackle in the next hour that could place me a step closer to where I would like to be.

Sounds easy, and I guess it is.

But it’s also easy to become wrapped up in short-term maintenance tasks such as writing blurbs, writing articles, and editing whatever manuscript crosses my desk, that I often put aside the long-term objectives that are actually important for my writing career. Important goals like writing 1,000 words a day on my current work-in-progress, or even blogging, are easy to put off because the only person I let down by not completing them is myself.

And that’s a trick.

Don’t fall for that shit.

You’ll survive requesting extension on that order. You’ll be ok if you fold that laundry tomorrow or fill out that form after dinner.

But no matter what happens, longterm goals must take priority over the short term ones. Getting paid today is nice… But getting paid tomorrow is exponentially better.

If you haven’t checked out ex-Navy Seal Jocko Willink’s podcast, by all means, please click the link below. It may be the best video you’ve watched all week.


Have a good one, everybody, and thanks for tuning in.

xoxo Liv




2 replies to “January 21st, 2016: To Do List Methods – Jocko Willink

  1. Good Morning, Liv!

    It’s hard to set and meet goals, especially when you have so much going on that pulls you in so many directions! But maybe I can make a couple of suggestions that may help a little.

    First of all, write down your monthly goals and put them where you’ll see them every day. Maybe on your laptop, or the refrigerator door, or the mirror in your bathroom.

    Your weekly goals may or may not have anything to do with your monthly goals, but write those down, too.

    Your daily goals could be anything. Try to keep the list attainable, but stretch it just a little. Maybe say, “I know I can get these things done”, then add an item or two. And if you should miss an item or two, make sure they’re at the top of your list for the next day.

    It may be a good idea to keep a notebook with your goals. That way you could cross things off the list as you go, to remind yourself you’re actually accomplishing things. Sometimes we do that without noticing and it seems as if we haven’t accomplished anything when we actually have. Give yourself credit where credit is due! Keeping the notebook also allows you to look back and see what you’ve accomplished, which would usually be incentive to keep going.

    Maybe out of all that you can find some things that will help you.

    I hope this finds you doing well. As always, it was nice hearing from you.



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