Good morning, World 🙂

Out of all the steps we must take to complete a project, there is one, in particular, that has presented a longtime obstacle to me since the moment I had begun to create… And that step is finishing what I’ve started.

There’s something so daunting about knowing that the last page is near, or knowing that the final ten minutes of my yoga session are ticking by on the clock, and soon, my morning practice will draw to a close. Whether my hands are on the keyboard or I’m spread out on the mat, I can’t help but notice an invisible resistance tugging at me from the inside, urging me to quit. I tell myself “Come on, that’s good enough. We’re almost done, anyway.”  

But this is a trick.

If I were done, my alarm would have gone off. My story would be finished. I would be able to honestly type the words “The End.” And until I have wrung every last bit of juice from these pieces of fruit, there’s still work to be done there, and it must be completed.

“Who are you to think that you can actually finish something?” says Imposteur Syndrome, tracking dirt all over my yoga mat with a sneer. “What makes you think that you are ever going to stop being a phony, faux-writer loser and publish another book?”

Ah, now that’s the stuff.

You’d think that the fact that I’ve already published a book would be enough to shut this voice up, but alas, there it is, in all of it’s doubtful glory, ready and willing to sabotage my efforts. I must be near the end, because that’s when I experience self-doubt the most… When I’m on the home stretch. When I’m so damn near to completing my next book that I’m practically stumbling across the finish line.

The first draft of my next book, The Wolves Beneath Paris (formerly working titled “Deeper,” haha) is now 75% done. I’m getting there. I’m actually getting there. And I can hear the call of anti-wisdom on the breeze, telling me to lay down my pen and work on something else.

I won’t.

Let’s honor the tasks we set before ourselves by seeing them through until the very last moment, the very last word.

Trust yourself to finish the challenge before you.



xoxo Liv


P.S. I’ve started serializing my book “Warmth: A Paranormal Romance Novella” on wattpad! If you’d like to help this book rise to the top of the list, click here, then click on the little star button in the corner. Thanks a million 🙂



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  1. Hello, Liv,

    I don’t know why we sometimes have trouble finishing things. Maybe we’ve said for so long that we’re overwhelmed by having so much to do that finishing a project would somehow make that invalid. Or it could be that when we finish one task there’s no excuse for not starting another one. It could be any number of reasons and maybe it’s not always the same one.

    But it seems to me something as tangible as finishing a book would be something to look forward to, especially since you’ve done it before. It’s only then that you can see the fruits of all your labor and frustrations, and have the chance to make it all worthwhile. But then again, who am I? Well, I really don’t even want to go there! All kinds of thoughts are wondering around in my already cluttered mind!

    Have a great day,

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    1. Hi Bill!

      That’s a good point! If we finish what’s on our plate, then what do we do next? There is something very soothing about having an active project to work on, and the feeling of not having anything to grind away at can be just as daunting as taking on something huge.

      I’m totally looking forward to finishing this book, LOL. I won’t be able to publish it until I finish a few more books in the series, but boy, will that day be sweet! Thank you for your input 🙂 what are you up to lately?

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      1. Well, Liv, for the time being I’m just working and still sorting a few things out. Our store was just remodeled and we open tomorrow morning. It’s beautiful. They certainly aren’t afraid to part with some of their big bucks, for the right reasons! But other than that, not a whole lot else right now. I hope things are going well for you.

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    1. Hello there! Absolutely, thank you for asking! My current work in progress, The Wolves Beneath Paris, is a 30k werewolf shifter romance. It tells the story of a girl named Natalie, whose best friend wanders off into the catacombs beneath Paris. She has to track her down and get her back, and in doing so discovers a harem of women who are waiting to meet the werewolf prince… Or so they’ve been told. Along the way, she meets a werewolf named Stephen who has his own score to settle with the creatures beneath the streets, and things get out of control, lol. I’m planning on making this into a series and rapid releasing them in January of next year. We’ll see what happens 🙂 thank you for the question!

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