The Songs of Everyday Living

Good Evening, World 🙂

How often do we just sit and listen to silence?

This may sound strange, but a few years ago, I used to constantly have YouTube playing in the background. There was always a good podcast to catch up on, a song I was trying to choreograph, a homework assignment I was procrastinating on… There was always a reason to listen to something, even if that reason was just to keep my mind in a dull state of constant processing.

The moment I added a smartphone into my life was the moment I significantly added to the ambient noise of my environment, and the songs of everyday living got lost. It’s so nice to wash the dishes, and only wash dishes. And you know, amuse a toddler with dancing and funny faces. But, you get what I’m saying.


There’s something truly invigorating about just listening to your own thoughts. Where does your mind wander if you just let it run free, untrammeled by a leash of pre-organized entertainment? Where does it drift? Is it boring? Does it need something more?

Podcasts are wonderful. So are movies, tv shows, video games, audiobooks, you name it. There’s nothing wrong with being entertained.

It’s just… I don’t know.

I think setting aside time every day to just perform a task in silence, whether that’s folding laundry, doing dishes, cleaning the house, doing yoga, writing, cooking dinner (that’s most of my day, actually), is a beneficial practice that I will continue to do. I don’t enjoy a constant drip-feed of other people’s productions, because this gets in the way of my own imagination. Egocentric as it may be, I find my own internal world far more interesting than anything I could pull up on my smartphone.

And a good thing, too.

There’s always another character to develop, plot to untangle, or story to write. There’s always something to research, something to ponder, something to take apart and examine like an old clock, and I want to be fully present for that experience.

Look at the time. I gotta go.

Good night, World. May your night be filled with peaceful, restorative, quiet sleep, maybe even a dream or two.


xoxo Liv


7 replies to “The Songs of Everyday Living

  1. Hello, Liv,

    In your world, I would say moments of silence would be beneficial because you can let your mind wander aimlessly, not knowing what thoughts or ideas may come your way. You may stumble upon a new idea for a book or maybe a new twist on your current project.

    In my world, I sometimes let my mind wander in silence. Every now and then it goes to places those who know me would never expect. Other times it’s just a way of entering a peaceful moment. Either way is good, in my opinion. Silence is refreshing in our crazy world.

    Have a great night,

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    1. True dat! I love silence, it’s such a rare gem! Not that Barney and Friends isn’t amazing entertainment, but still…

      I figured you plumbed some secret depths, Bill! Wawa is a good place for that, assuming you’re not being accosted by an endless sea of morons….. Which, well… You know. Happens.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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