But if you can’t, let go.

Good Afternoon, World 🙂

Today, during my yoga practice, I will remind myself of the following:

After you’ve done everything you can, you can do no more.

Do your duty to those you love. Protect them as best as you can. Nurture and guide them as best as you can, in a way that will ensure their flourishing and well being.


You are only the master of yourself, and no one else.

Having control of yourself means that you are better able to weather those who are not able to do so. You are not a sail to be buffered around by the emotional maelstroms of others, especially those who are eager to evade responsibility by any means necessary.  

You may only have control over yourself, but don’t worry — that’s plenty.

Do what is right, and hope that others have the same resolve toward the wellbeing of those around them. If they don’t, choose to not be weakened by their pettiness. There’s no use trying to persuade a rock, or as the bible would say, casting pearls before swine. (Never mind the fact that I’m a total atheist, a pearl is a pearl.)

The world is everyone’s responsibility. You can’t do everyone’s part for them. You can only do yours, and extend a helping hand to those willing to accept it. If they don’t, and if you expose yourself to great hazards in order to extend such an offer to begin with, don’t. Seriously. Because you can’t help them, anyway.

If you’ve done your part, helping others is a fine thing.

But if you can’t,

let go.


xoxo Liv



2 replies to “But if you can’t, let go.

  1. Hello, LIv,

    I agree with what you’ve said here. Along with that, sometimes a situation comes up where you’ve done all you can and you have to depend on someone else to do the rest because it’s outside your area of expertise. It gets to be a little unnerving when you know they’re not doing what they should but you can’t do anything to change it. So you get adverse results and even though you know you did all you could, somewhere in the back of your mind you still blame yourself. However, revenge can be very sweet!

    Have a great evening,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right? God it’s like watching a trainwreck sometimes, but like… People make their own choices. And thank god, because I do not want that responsibility. I’ve got enough going on with trying to keep my own life in order, nevermind attempting to solve the world at large’s problems. Annnnyway…

      Catch you later Bill! And thanks! 🙂


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