Root them out, polish them off, move on.

Good Morning, World 🙂

You know what’s strange? I’m actually looking forward to revising “The Wolves Beneath Paris.” Usually, I dread the revision process. It’s the part where you get to go back through the first draft that you somehow managed to slog through, mark it up with a pen, and figure out just how much work you have left ahead. This time, however, I’m optimistic.


I’m not sure.


Part of my optimism may be attributed to the fact that I took ample notes alongside of my draft of this project. Here’s a tip: if you’re writing the fuck out of something, and you’ve just written a paragraph that you know is garbage, but you’ve solemnly sworn that you are drafting, not revising at this time, write this after it: #revision. Seriously. Then, when you’re finished writing, you can do a control F search and skip to every one of these bad boys. Root them out, polish them off, move on.

Anyway, I gotta go. 

Peace, and thanks for reading.

xoxo Liv

4 replies to “Root them out, polish them off, move on.

  1. Hello, Liv,
    It would also give you the opportunity to add something in you’ve thought of later, and to maybe see your work in a different perspective.


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