Why are We Bothering Today?

Good Afternoon, World 🙂

I know it’s strange, but I love reading about how other writers get their shit done. There’s something so fascinating about probing creative minds about how they actually manage to saddle up their brains and coerce them into producing something, anything at all. How do you corral yourself into working when you truly don’t give a fuck? When excuses are so easy to facsimile, why bother stack a brick on that there wall? What, you think you’re actually building toward something? Oh, you’re growing a garden???

I love reading about the grind.

I love asking “Hey, is this easier for you?

… No? Ok good.

Back to work.”

Because there’s always something that matters that we’re trying to get. What is it? Why are we bothering today?

What aim are we trying to organize our days around?

What sun are we revolving?

Let’s make something happen.


xoxo Liv


2 replies to “Why are We Bothering Today?

  1. Hello, Liv,
    I don’t think it’s strange at all that you like hearing from other writers about their struggles. I’m sure you all share some of the same ones! And by reading about their issues and how they keep going, you should get some ideas you could use. We all have days when we really just don’t give a fuck, so it isn’t just writers. Maybe those days are the times we should just step back and do something good for ourselves to prove that things aren’t all that bad after all. Then the feelings pass, and we go on working toward our goals
    Just my thoughts.

    Have a great evening,

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