One Sprint at a Time

Good Morning, World 🙂

You ready?

To-do list, check. Cup of tea, check. Sesame street playing, check. Perimeter secured, everything good, let’s buckle down and take shit to the next level.

Today will begin with a quick, wonderful barrage of one thousand words, one sprint at a time, and end in a glorious burst of editing. I’ve got a review request to send out and some administrative tasks to clear. Baby’s gotta eat, mommy’s gotta eat. Scrambled eggs and salmon, baby. Green tea, and whatever sugary bullshit I scrounge up. Beware of extremes.

Then, grocery shopping.

Y’know, after breakfast.

What are you up to today?

Don’t forget to do some yoga, because we’re going to need to make peace after kicking all this ass.

xoxo Liv

4 replies to “One Sprint at a Time

  1. Sounds like a busy day, Liv. Mine was pretty much the same, running around getting all the little things done I can’t do when I work. I started late with lunch, did some shopping, went to the bank, stopped off at my doctor’s and now I’m back home.

    I hope you got everything accomplished you wanted to today, Liv.

    Have a great evening.

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  2. I’m getting over the flu, so as much as I want to push myself to make up for not doing anything last week except lying in bed, I’m trying to ease back into the flow of life. Fortunately I have a billion books on my TBR list, so I don’t feel so bad about lying on the couch reading for hours.

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