It’s Not the Solstice, but Guess What?

Good Afternoon, World 🙂

Yogis have a tradition: every season, on the solstice or equinox, they perform 108 sun salutations.

The whole thing takes usually takes over two hours, and it is just as much a test of mental endurance as it is physical endurance. It’s slow, and it requires focus. Until yesterday, the only thing that held me back was the fact that it would be difficult to carve two hours out of my day for exercise. So I’d never attempted it.

It’s not the solstice, but guess what?


Hooyah, baby!

Instead of going through the sun salutations in a languid, almost dream-like calm, I pursued the number 108 in several different ways, both sweaty and intense, and languid and slow, as if to let the sap drip down my arms and legs and root me into the earth. I felt the sun on my back as I moved from plank to downward dog, throwing in a few pushups here and there, taking in every nourishing ache and pain, absorbing, learning, adjusting, repeating. 56 minutes later, my practice was complete, and I almost didn’t want it to end.

Sometimes I barreled through my sets of ten, hammering out each position with brisk precision. Like a burpee, but fancier.

Other sets, I slowed, I stretched, and I moved from one position to the next, seeking to find the limits of my limbs as I breathed deeply.

By the end of my practice, something bright and vibrant had awakened within me that I couldn’t bottle up and stick on the shelf.

So I figured, why not do it again this morning?


If I only have time to exercise for one hour a day, I want it to be doing this: worshipping the sun.

It’s been so long since I’ve gotten through a workout without checking my phone every few minutes. Often, exercise is a chore that I do in the same spirit that I fold my clothes, or vacuum the floor. It’s a maintenance task, a routine. It doesn’t reach my heart. Figuratively speaking.

But this hour-long sweat-fest of downward dogs and holding planks taught me so much about my own capabilities. I’m so thankful that this practice exists, and that I can make it part of my day.

Namaste, World 🙂

xoxo Liv

P.S. Ready for some I-Spy? Here’s the finished drawing beside breakfast #1:


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Ok seriously now, peace XD;; <333


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