I Want To Write You a Good Book. So…

Good morning, World 🙂

How are you?

I’ve come to my internet home to just relax for a moment. To take a chill pill, you know? Because I’m feeling anxious. Unfocused. And I could really use some textual space to just sort out my thoughts.

I’ve decided to delay the release of my werewolf shifter romance trilogy “Wandering Wolves”. Why? Well, to be honest, I need more time to make this project come together. And don’t get me wrong, it might be possible for me to scrape together something coherent by my original, self-imposed deadline of September 1st, but I don’t just want to write you a coherent story. I want to write you a good one. And the last thing I want to do is shoot myself in the foot by releasing this trilogy before I’m ready.

It’s amazing how much pregnancy can wear out your brain. I’m entering month eight, and the exhaustion, fatigue, and mood swings are hitting me full force. Work harder, I tell myself. But it’s not easy while you’re taking care of a toddler, as well as the nice, seven-stitch injury on my dominant hand. Thank god for voice dictation.

Exhausted as I feel now, I know that this is the time for me to plow ahead as hard as I can, because once Antonia is born, my work capacity will be temporarily diminished. Got to keep going. Got to keep writing. Got to keep promoting. Got to keep working out. Got to keep eating right and doing dishes and cranking out the words. MUST DO THE THINGS. Because if I can pull this off, I can provide a better life for my family. And I know that I can do it. I just need to take a breath, stay organized, get my shit together. 

How are you feeling today? Do you have any projects in the works? Let me know about them, I love knowing what you guys are up to.

xoxo Liv

P.S. Thank you to the 35 amazing people who have reviewed “Warmth: A Paranormal Romance Novella” on amazon! The more reviews a book has, the more people will give it a chance. Additionally, it takes about 100 amazon reviews for amazon’s algorithm to kick into action. You guys seriously rock beyond the telling of it.

Only 65 more amazon reviews to go! 🙂

If you’d like to help me achieve my dream of earning a living through writing books, you can download a free reviewer’s copy of this book here and leave an amazon review here.


One reply to “I Want To Write You a Good Book. So…

  1. Hello, Liv! It’s probably a good idea to push the release date back a little. You’ll certainly have enough going on in September and by trying to push yourself so hard, you wouldn’t be fair to yourself. The later date will allow you to be somewhat back to normal, whatever that is, and you’ll probably be able to do better work. I think it’s normal to feel the way you do right now, so just let it run its course knowing that things will settle down.

    As for me, I have a couple of projects in the works having to do with my health. My health isn’t bad, so maybe it would be more accurate to say my physical well-being. There’s the clinical study I told you about, and after that’s settled I should be able to get my teeth done. All the uppers replaced with a permanent implant. I figure to get those things out of the way so that whenever this Covid-19 stuff is over I can enjoy the rest of my retirement. I can’t do much of anything else now, right?

    I hope this finds you reasonably well. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes relatively well. It’s always nice to see you post.


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