That Moment When You Finish Writing Your Trilogy

Good morning, World 🙂

Yesterday, I achieved a milestone that has taken me nearly a year and a half to accomplish. To those of you who saw my Facebook and Instagram posts, this will come as no surprise, but for those of you who did not,

I finished the first draft of my werewolf shifter romance trilogy, “Wandering Wolves.” 

All three books are now ready to enter the second draft phase, which I will mean meating up the first and third books, and slimming down the third. I know what changes I have to make in order to whip these novels into shape, I just have to… You know. Whip ‘em. WIP ‘em? Nevermind mind.

Big Ol’ Goals Checklist

The month of May is going to be a month of EDITS, EDITS, EDITS.

I need to amass at least 244 karma points on in order to be able to post my books in their entirety to my groups, and so far I have 40, so that’s fun. Time to roll up my critiquing sleeves and earn at least 10 a day. This is going to hurt, but whatever. I consider this my full time job since my hotel temporarily closed, so it’s only fitting that I should do it for 20 MILLION HOURS RAWR SDHFSdhsdhhkGD XD;;;; 

There’s another, smaller project I am also currently working on. 

You remember that little romance novella I wrote, “Warmth”? 

Well, I’m giving it another proofreading and packaging it up as a story magnet for future marketing shenanigans. That was my intention with this piece anyway, and since I have three books coming out this year, it’s high time that I utilized this piece as best as I can. Reading through it once more should take about a day, maybe two, so I’m going to do my best to have this completed by the end of April. This piece will then be deployed on a top secret mission in enemy territory. I would say more, but security clearance issues. You understand.

Oh, and I need to fill out my FAFSA, because mama’s going back to school in 2021 to finish her degree. No big deal. Actually it is a big deal and I’m losing my shit over it. I’m like six classes away from a B.S. in psychology and I just need to get this fucker in the bag already.

There’s also another slightly exciting thing that I’m working on, but I’m hesitant to say anything about it just yet. Let’s just say it involves a completed book that’s been sitting in my drop box for like, four years, which I have not done anything with, and I’m about to change that. But I don’t need to worry about that this week.


It’s the 27th, which means I have three days to wrap up my objectives for this month. The most important one is secured.

Today’s work schedule will involve a blogpost (check), between 5 – 10 points on scribophile, playing with my baby, and folding three loads of laundry. Yes, three. Oh, and there’s some dinner that needs cooking.

How is your time in quarantine going? Do you find that time in isolation is making you more or less productive? Tell me about your goals or lack thereof! 🙂

Wishing you peace, love, and prosperity!

Xoxo Liv


7 replies to “That Moment When You Finish Writing Your Trilogy

  1. Well, it sounds like you’re maintaining your usual schedule! Your hotel closed, so you immediately put that time to good use. Investing that time in your career is a good choice, and it would be a great time to pursue your degree! Good luck with that. And it’s great that you still seem to have your priorities in order, as you did mention your family. To most people it would sound like you have too much on your plate, but I know you thrive on that so it’s a good thing for you.

    As far as me, I’m doing Ok so far. Actually better than a certain amount of people are, I think. It worked out that I retired at an excellent time, with hindsight being 20/20 as you know. But at least I don’t have to worry about being out of work, and other things are going well.

    It’s nice to see you posting on your blog again. Have a great day!


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    1. Hi Bill,

      Pardon my delayed response, I’m great at being punctual, as I’m sure you remember 😉

      You’re totally right, you retired at the perfect time! The world is such a crazy place lately, and working in a high-volume store is probably the last thing you should be doing right now. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what to do with all this newfound time you have lying around. Knowing you, I’m sure you’ll put it to good use.

      It’s a shame the gyms are closed, I was going to ask you how your workouts are going lol but then again, at-home exercises can get the job done, too! What else have you been up to of late?

      Great to hear from you, as always!
      – Liv


      1. It’s OK that your response was delayed, Liv! You never disappoint! Besides, I just got notification of your response today, so I guess another week didn’t make any difference!

        As you know, hindsight is always 20/20. I had planned on retiring since about October of last year, not having any idea of what was about to come. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to work the way they are right now! Of course it isn’t nearly as busy, but it still would be super stressful. A manager did tell me some of the restrictions will be lifted in the next week or so. The only thing that’s constant is change, right?

        My financial guy told me I’m one of the luckiest people, with the timing of everything. Of course that was nothing but dumb luck. I had no idea how things were going to be.

        I’m keeping busy, though. Still going through some of my wife’s things, her clothes and stuff like that. I’m going to donate most of them. Being a social worker I’m sure that’s what she would have wanted. I didn’t think it would be difficult for me, but I keep putting it off so it must be. It’ll get done, though.

        I’m definitely anxious about the gym reopening. I had gone every day for a couple of months and I could notice a difference in the way I felt. And now I notice a difference because I haven’t been going! I’ll start back again though and ease my way back into the routine.

        It was nice hearing from you, Liv, and don’t worry about the late response. I know everybody’s either crazy or busy now, or both, so I totally understand and can realate!

        Have a great day

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  2. Congrats on finishing your trilogy!

    I’m working from home and things have been very slow, so I have a lot of free time. I vacillate between being super productive and doing nothing. I’m making steady progress on my projects, so I’m okay with not pushing myself right now.

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    1. Thank you! This is probably a good time to take a break, if there ever was one. But I’m glad to hear that you’re still making progress on your goals 🙂 Stay healthy and safe!



  3. Well done on finishing the trilogy but the hardest part is to come. Good luck and best wishes on your schedule. It is always great to hear a fellow writer meet her goal. I found I did not write as much on my WIP but did get a few good blogs out. Just spent a day in knitting and crochet WIPs finishing them. 2 blankets, 2 fingerless glove pairs, 2 washcloths, and a small neck wrap scarf I just need a button on. Also did a journal piece that I will blog tomorrow. I want to finish the second of four books and start editing those two. I won’t meet my Camp Nanowrimo target unless I drop it down. there is still #stayathomwrimo I can work on it with so I shall do that from now on.

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    1. Hello there! Thank you for stopping by again 🙂 Isn’t it crazy how the drafting process is actually the easy part of writing a book? Revising has always been the most difficult part for me, so I appreciate all the good luck I can get, lol.

      Great work on those blogs! I’ll have to swing by and take a look. And knitting is an awesome way to spend your time in quarantine. I wonder if there are any good patterns for facemasks floating around out there, lol.

      Good luck on your four books, you’ve got this! 🙂


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