September 25th, 2018

Good afternoon, World πŸ™‚

Guess what came in the mail! Guess, guess!

My Booooooooooks!

Well, not my books. I didn’t write them.

But the two books that I ordered, “Natural Witch” by K.F. Breene and “To Seduce a Witch’s Heart” by Nadine Mutas arrived at my door!

I’m currently finishing up the ebook version of Nadine’s book, and as soon as I’m finished with this one, I’m going to read “Desi” by Carolyn Croft (I haven’t forgotten about you, Carolee!) “Silver Hollow” by Jennifer Silverwood (I’m so excited to crack this one!) then “Natural Witch” by K.F. Breene, of undoubted awesomeness.

I’ve been planning to read these for a while, and now I finally get a chance to sink my teeth into them, review them on Amazon and on this blog, and include them in a SUPER AWESOME FREE GIVEAWAY sometime this year.



You can sign up…. Well, sometime in the future. I’m still amassing books. >.>

But if you’re in the mood for free vampire books, free witch books, and the best paranormal romance books, you can sign up for my mailing list by clicking hereΒ and be the first to know when it goes live! πŸ™‚ I promise that I will never spam you or flood your inbox with useless emails. I hate when people do that, so I won’t be doing that to you.

By the way, I’m still setting up my email list, so it’s not anything fancy yet. That’s another goal for October, eh? πŸ˜‰ But I figured I should throw that out there for shameless self-promotional reasons.


I hope your Autumn is off to a good start! Let’s knock this quarter out and lovingly nurse it back to health.

xoxo Liv


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